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The leadership of Africa Community In Surrey and Sussex (ACISS) has lauded the Mayor and Mayoress of Reigate and Banstead, Eddy Humphreys and Sarah for their warm welcome of the children during their one-day visit.

The tour, which took place on the 3rd of April, themed ‘Empowering Our Children To Dream Big And Reach For The Stars,’ was an enlightening and enriching experience for all the participants, especially the children aged, 11-18.

The Mayor, Cllr Eddy Humphreys took time to educate our children about the significance of the three different attires worn by the Mayor and executives in the chamber and their respective purposes.

The insights provided our young participants with valuable knowledge about the traditions and protocols within the Council, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for civic leadership and community engagement.

The Council leader, Cllr Richard Biggs also made a “cameo” appearance and showed support inspite of his busy schedule to share with us the heartfelt felicity regards, individually and from the chambers.

ACISS organizational leadership acknowledges the huge support given to us by Paul, the Mayor’s Support Officer, whose dedication and enthusiasm made the tour truly memorable. His informative guidance through the halls of the Council quarters and the history of Reigate sparked curiosity and admiration among our young learners, inspiring them to explore their own potential and contributions to society.

The generosity in hosting our delegation reflects the commitment of the Mayor to support youth empowerment and community development initiatives.

By opening the doors of the Council grounds to our children, valuable lessons were instilled and it is with a sense of pride that we feel that we belong here, within our community.

We look forward to continued collaboration and partnership in empowering and uplifting the youth of Reigate and Banstead