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May 25th is Africa Day and is celebrated and acknowledged as a day to recognised the successes of the African Union formerly called the Organisation of African Union. The union was created on May 25, 1963,

Africa Day celebrates the history of African nations and how they evolved into what they are today.

Africa Day 2023 marks the 60th year of this observance and this year’s theme is “Acceleration of AFCFTA implementation”

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a trade agreement that aims to further the continent’s economic integration by establishing a single market for products and services.

Africa Community in Surrey & Sussex (ACISS) celebrated it with showing the culture and traditions of the African people.

Cllr Richard Biggs congratulated the community for teaching the children the values of the African culture and British culture. He implored the children to strive in their studies and show case their talents and that the UK is a country of equal opportunities.