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The Family Summer Sit Down event, which was put on by the African Communities in Surrey and Sussex, was a great time for the African community in those two counties.

The Sit Down, which lasted for 4 hours, included people of all races and colours, largely Africans who used the entertainment to engage and mingle with other African families and individuals. As everyone eagerly engaged, there were displays of African culture and tradition in the sequence of the program.

The African Community enjoyed a synergy of memories, culture, traditions, folklore, and African history together with loads of activities, food, drinks, and music.

The African Community in Surrey and Sussex had a wonderful day fostering love and unity, as is the organization’s goal. The goal of ACISS is to link Africans in this setting, encourage them, and help them build strong relationships that foster both individual and societal development. At the Family Sitdown time, this objective was successfully accomplished.

All of the participants felt a sense of love, belonging, identity, and unity as a result of spending time with their families. The event had an African feel to it thanks to segments like traditional drumming and dancing, African tales, and more.

Notably, other races joined in the celebration and identification with the Africans who reside in Surrey and Sussex. They evidently had a lovely and thrilling time.